John Rougeux

Hi, I'm John Rougeux.

I’m a B2B marketing guy. Here’s how to get in touch.

What I’m working on.

VP Marketing @ Skyfii

We help physical venues measure, predict, and influence visitor behavior through a new category we’re building called omnidata intelligence. I lead our marketing efforts. Learn more about us here.

B2B Marketing Blogger & Consultant @ Flag & Frontier

Flag & Frontier is my blog about B2B branding and marketing strategy. I also do consulting work for B2B tech companies to help them with branding, marketing strategy, and category creation.

Co-host @ B2B Growth Show

I co-host the #categorycreation series on the B2B Growth Show. To learn from people who are exploring category creation (including myself) subscribe to the show now.

B2B Marketing Writer

I love to explore how B2B marketers solve new challenges. My work’s been featured in Inc., Forbes, Huffpost, StartupNation, and multiple podcasts. Find my newest content on the Flag & Frontier blog.

Who I am.

Proud dad of four daughters + married 14 years (still in love!). Once hiked the entire Appalachian Trail (all 2,000+ miles in 6 months). Finished an Ironman Triathlon (once was enough). Things I love include Christ, science fiction, Bach, and Lapsang Souchong (yes, it’s gross the first time you try it). Life goals include giving away $1 million and completely filling up a passport before it expires.