I became a marketer by accident.

The company I co-founded needed someone to lead marketing, so I gave it a shot. Every day, I tried to get a little bit better (still do). And before long, I got pretty good.

But along the way, I realized how being a marketer can be excruciatingly frustrating and exceedingly fun. Some days, I just wanted to give up. Nothing seemed to work, and the pressure of having to deliver felt overwhelming. Other days, I felt like I was on fire. Life was good.

Today, I’m fortunate enough to have more good days than bad. There’s just one reason: plenty of other marketers have helped me learn from their experience. Now, I’d like to return the favor and share what I’ve learned.

I focus on four topics:

  • Improving Results From Paid Marketing. Like most marketers, I have a budget I have to put to work. I share what tactics have helped me get more leads from fewer dollars.
  • Resourcefulness. Tony Robbins taught me, “It’s not the amount of resources that makes you successful, it’s how resourceful you are.” I write about ways to grow your business that fall outside of the typical strategies.
  • Leadership & Management. I’m really passionate about building a great marketing teams. I share what’s worked for my own team and highlight practices of the world’s best teams
  • The Big Picture. As marketers, we have amazing powers to influence. How are those powers being used to make the world better (or worse)? I find out.

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About me…

I’m co-founder and CMO at Causely. When I’m not working, I’m usually hanging out with my wife and three girls. They’re all way more fun than I am. Outside of that I can be found out of breath at my 6:00 AM CrossFit class, singing my face off at church, or pretending I’m a race car driver on a back road somewhere.

Life is good. Thanks for reading.

– John Rougeux, August 2016